Qualifying for a Pension

If you are being discharged from the Australian Defence Force as medically unfit for further service, you may be entitled to an Invalidity Benefit (Pension) from the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC) / Military Super. On medical discharge you will be subject to an invalidity classification, based on the information provided by the ADF, to Military Super.

The level of incapacity is determined in relation to civilian employment, and several things are considered in this process, including;

  • Your vocational, trade and professional skills, qualifications, and experience – this also includes your pre-service and in service employment.
  • the types of civilian employment which a person with your skills, qualifications and experience may reasonably undertake,
  • the degree to which the physical and/or mental impairment that you have been medically discharged for has diminished your capacity to undertake these activities in the civilian sector.

The information about your skills, qualifications and experience comes from the information you advise when undertaking your application for the invalidity benefit. The impairment(s) which determined you to be unfit for future military service is provided by Defence (Medical Officer).

If you disagree with the level of assessment or types of employment categorized to you during this process you can request a reconsideration of this decision, and information on how to do this is provided in the decision letter from CSC.

It should be noted that invalidity pensions can be reviewed periodically, and any new skills, qualifications and experience are considered for any such reviews.

For comprehensive information in relation to this, please see CSC Fact Sheet MS12: