Incapacity Payments

Incapacity payments are compensation for economic loss due to the inability, or reduced ability to work because of an injury or disease that has been accepted as a service-related injury or disease. Incapacity payments are based on the difference between your normal earnings (what you were earning prior to your injury or incapacity) and your actual earnings or ability to earn at the time you are incapacity for service or work.

To receive incapacity payments, you will need to provide current medical certificates when requested, that show:

  • whether you are currently incapacitated (i.e., unfit) for work;
  • if you are unfit for work, whether this is because of your accepted service-related condition(s) or some other condition or reason;
  • the degree of incapacity, for instance wholly incapacitated for all work, partly incapacitated for all work or capable of working with some restrictions;
  • what restrictions you may have in relation to employment; and
  • the period you will be unfit for work, including start and end dates.

Please be aware that payments will cease if you do not supply medical certification when requested.

You are also required to advise DVA if:

  • you commence any course of study (whether part-time or full-time);
  • you receive any payments from any other source, including Commonwealth superannuation (whether pension, lump sum or a combination of both);
  • there is a change in your Commonwealth superannuation payments;
  • you change address or contact details; and/or
  • you intend to travel for more than 3 months or reside overseas.

How to Apply for Incapacity Payments:

  • Obtain 4x ADF Pay Slips (SVA) – If you do not have these on hand, simply call 1800 DEFENCE and request your last 4 pay slips of your military service.
  • Fill in Tax File Declaration (
  • Fill in the D1360 – Claim for Incapacity for Service/Work
  • Attach the medical certificate from your GP stipulating you are unable to work due to your service-related injuries, or;
  • Attach the DM042 – Invalidity Retirement from the Defence Force Medical Information
  • Send the completed application to DVA via or;
  • Complete the application for Incapacity Payments via MyGov / DVA MyService.