Damon Bennett

I joined the Australian Regular Army in the early 80’s and served for almost 9 years. During that time I was significantly injured, but was discharged with a White Card for one accepted condition only, which over the next 30+ years led to more than half a dozen surgeries and 100’s of physio and chiropractic treatments, all paid out of my own pocket as I had no idea what I was entitled to.

Following a career in Medical Imaging post Defence and at the age of 55, Kai reinvestigated my DVA file, found I had been given very bad advice when I left the Army, and commenced new claims for all the injuries I sustained during my service.

I now have a Gold Card and am finally getting the medical treatments and compensation that I was due and have needed for a long time.

Going through the DVA claims process first hand, showed me just how hard the system can be to navigate without the correct advice, so I happily walked away from my career and established B&B Veterans Advocates in a partnership with Kai, with the sole aim of assisting others through the claims process.